“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai

I’m not sure when my passion for writing exactly started. What I love about writing these blogs is that I’m able to express my opinion or give my point of view on certain topics. I believe that ‘freedom of writing’ is important even though not everyone will agree with what you write. You kind of make yourself vulnerable in a way, but it can make you stronger at the same time.

Nowadays you can’t live without a computer. I do think it can make people lazy in a certain way and that is a shame, because the art of actually writing something down on paper sometimes goes lost. I love writing,…
I of course send emails and stuff but I think it is more personal to actually write something down. There is something special about your handwriting! Before I actually start publishing posts on this blog, I first write everything down on paper, because it feels more personal in a way.

A while ago I discovered ‘Ecojot’. Ecojot is an eco-friendly stationery / paper company with a cause for literacy and our environment. Which I believe is a wonderful combination. They do this by ensuring that their paper products are made of the finest quality of 100% post consumer recycled material, which also means that no trees are cut to create their products, and they give children in need around the world a workbook and pen for their way out of poverty and violence. The products are made and printed in Canada. The paper is acid free and processed chlorine free. All inks and glues are vegetable based, which is good for our health.

Ecojot Team

Mark and Caroline (designer) Gavin (brother and sister) founded Ecojot in 2007. Since then the Ecojot story has been growing non-stop. It also became part of the certified ‘B Corporation’ family. ‘We became a B Corp because we believe that we are a different type of business. We believe that business can play a role in the positive transformation of society and we are happy to embrace this idea.’
For your information: B corporations are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

The Ecojot story

Ecojot started the GIVE programs. They simply want to give children in need a chance at literacy and education. A portion of ecojot sales allows the GIVE program to provide a workbook and pen to these children, who are in need for a way out of poverty and violence. Without school supplies many children in developing countries cannot attend classes. All children deserve to learn. There are different GIVE programs.

  • Ecojot partnered up with ‘The Schoolbag’ (founder: Erin Schrode) in 2011 and they helped lots of children in Haïti. They delivered 65,000 ecojot workbooks, 30,000 pens and other school supplies.
  • In 2012, ecojot started a GIVE program that has been committed to providing Nadia Todres with essential art supplies for her young girls at ‘The Center for the Arts’ in Port au Prince. The Center for the Arts is a place for young girls in Haïti, to become empowered through the arts, while creating income-generating activities in the arts.
  • October 2013, ecojot’s GIVE program is collaborating with Rainforest of Reading which is managed by One World Schoolhouse Foundation. They will travel to St. Lucia and Granada for the reading festival to meet students from 250 schools who were provided literacy kits.

To date Ecojot has given over 240,000 notebooks and pens to children in need around the world. AMAZING!!

Ecojot is an organization that is necessary and has a huge impact on the future of a child. So if you want to make a (small) change you can easily start by supporting ecojot. I LOVE the ecojot products. The journals are amazing, sturdy and the quality of the paper is wonderful. Even the accessories, for example the coin purse is awesome! There are different themes, different quotes, different sizes, different products (journals, planners, cards, print, accessories, wrap,…),… You’ll definitely find something you like. Ecojot also offers an easy customizing program, so you can create your own journals with quotes,…

Ecojot journals

Ecojot Kids

For more information go to http://www.ecojot.com/ and definitely buy something. You are supporting a wonderful cause! You won’t regret it! You can also follow them on twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram