Being connected to people like Dr. Alan Greene, Christopher Gavigan, Mrs. C.Greene, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Child – Healthy World, Moms Clean Air Force,… has really changed the way I look at things. These are all people who are doing a lot to make the world a better place for children, adults,…  They are making a change!

‘Unacceptable levels’, made by Ed Brown, a father who is trying to understand the world in which he and his wife are raising their children. This documentary is a collection of interviews with top minds in the fields of science, advocacy and law. It’s the story of how the chemical revolution brought us to where we are now and of where, if we are not making a change, it may take us. The primary goal of ‘Unacceptable Levels’ is to determine wether we can prevent disease before it strikes us. It’s the start to really see what chemicals do to our body and planet and make informed decisions. It definitely is a wake up call and we should all take it seriously.

The experts consulted for this documentary are the best in their field.
To name a few: Dr. Alan Greene, Pediatrician and Author/Feeding Baby Green – Christopher Gavigan, Former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World and CPO of The Honest Company – Andy Igrejas, Director, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families – Joan Blades; President and Co-Founder, MomsRising.Org Former CEO – Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation,…

I don’t know if it will be released in Europe , but it’s being screened now in the US during the summer. ‘Unacceptable levels’ already premiered in LA. See some interviews with Christopher Gavigan, Mariel Hemingway, Paul Adelstein, Fran Drescher,… and the maker Ed Brown. The documentary has already won a few awards and I think there will be more to come.

Christopher Gavigan, Gary Hirshberg, director Ed Brown and Mariel Hemingway – LA

Judi Shils, Susan Cann, Kevin Connelly, Ed Brown, Alan Greene, Cheryl Greene, Kristin Schafer and Stacy Malkan at The CLAY Theatre San Francisco.

Some quotes / impressions about the movie:

“This film is a huge eye-opener!  Once a parent sees this, they thankfully won’t ever approach their child’s health & future the same way ever again!”Jessica Capshaw, Environmental Advocate and Actress

“From the products we use, to the food we eat, to the air we breathe, Unacceptable Levels documents how prevalent toxic chemicals have become part of our lives.  Ed Brown uses the powerful connection of family to illustrate how broken our system has become, and why we must do something about it. Our children’s futures depend on it.”Gigi Lee Chang, CEO, Healthy Child Healthy World

“This movie lives the Health Child motto: No one can do everything, everyone can do something.  Ed Brown has done something by creating an amazing, powerful experience that moves all of us to realize how important it is to know how our system works and what we can do to fix it.”- Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, Former Executive Director/CEO Healthy Child, Healthy World.

For more information go to: or follow them on twitter: @UnacceptableLev

Pollution just got personal!