June 22nd 2013… A day I won’t forget. I attended my very first and definitely not my last TEDx event. It was organised in Ghent (Belgium).

I’m someone who likes listening to other people. I’m not much of a talker myself, only when I have to give presentations which I actually love. The TEDx event was inspiring. Lots of different topics that were presented in a simple, but still profound and remarkable way.


One of my favorite talks was the one of Bruno Pieters. He is probably mostly unknown to everyone who reads my blogs. But he is the CEO of Honest by (www.honestby.com). Honest by is the first 100% transparant company in the world. They offer customer sustainable fashion made in Europe and they share all the information about a product with their customers. From the origin of the raw material to the entire price calculation. At the moment, they are the only brand offering 100% transparancy to the public. Which is amazing!


What I loved about this talk, was the fact that it was to the point. It wasn’t an endless talk, it was rather short. But once he was done talking, you knew exactly what he said and why he said it.

Bruno was someone who gave an original talk. He said: ‘I’m not going to teach you anything today, but I will tell you what I have learned about life, about myself and what I believe is my truth’. And that is exactly what he did. Maybe it’s something we can all do, answer simple questions like: ‘Who Am I?’, ‘My purpose in Life’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Work’,…
The most strickening answer was to the question ‘Who Am I?’ We would all say our names, what we do,… Bruno’s answer was pretty simple: ‘I’m a human being’.
Did you ever look up how we described ourselves in our dictionary? I didn’t, but Bruno did. ‘A human being is a kind and compassionate entity’.

I actually never really ‘understood’ why people make the decision to become vegan. Maybe because of their believes. Bruno explained why he became vegan and it was an answer that I really liked and it seemed all logic. ‘I believe that the world and all beings living on this planet are not here for me, but I am there for them’.

This is definitely a talk that I’ll remember. Its simplicity, but its importance! Something to think about and maybe it’s a good way to start answering the same questions: Who Am I, What is my purpose, what do I want to achieve,…

“If you get, give
If you learn, teach”
~ Maya Angelou

More posts about TEDxGhent coming up later!