Wardell, used to be known as Brother – Sister, is getting more and more popular. I think I’m aloud to say that I’ve been a fan from the very first time I heard ‘Opossum’. The sound of the song is amazing. It’s unique. The whole ‘package’; the music itself combined with Sasha’s voice, I can only describe as perfection.

You can only really know Wardell of that one song ‘Opossum’. But I was sold immediately!! For me personally, good music should be able to take your mind of everything and just make you listen to the music and be moved by it. When I get goosebumps of music, then I know it’s my kind of music. And Wardell definitely gives me goosebumps!

I never thought I would get the opportunity to actually see them live, because Wardell is a California based band. Seeing some videos on youtube, promotion on twitter,… made me really want to see them. But… I got the chance to see them live in London!! It’s a good thing I’m kinda London obsessed. A 2 hour train drive from Brussels to London is nothing. So I booked my tickets and decided to see them live. It was definitely worth the money and the travelling. I’ve already been to big venues in London, like the O2 arena, Wembley Arena,… but I’ve never been to smaller venues like Queen of Hoxton, a very cool bar/pub or Electrowerkz, a nightclub. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was blown away. 2 amazing concerts!!! The pretty amazing thing about these 2 concerts was, that you could get pretty close to the stage and the artists, which wouldn’t even be possible here in Belgium. The music was simply amazing. 30 minutes of Wardell wasn’t enough for me. The song choices were really great, they did different genres and it was amazing to hear what they could. It isn’t a band that focuses on one specific kind of genre, they really do try everything, but it still was that unique ‘Wardell’ sound you got. The response of the audience was good too. From what I’ve heard from the people that were there, is that they didn’t know Wardell until then. I think myself and some other fans were exceptions of knowing their music. Well, I did go to London to see them, so that means something.

I knew that Sasha could sing; she did have that solo project with Nicolas Jaar, which was amazing! She is insanely good live!! She is so talented and her voice is so amazing! I definitely got goosebumps!
I honestly do think that a voice makes or breaks a song. In Sasha’s case it definitely made the performance perfect. Gotta say, Theo’s voice is amazing too! He has a special timbre. They were one as a band and that was great!

At Queen Of Hoxton, I was there with 3 other friends. They also knew their music and they were amazed! We were all speechless. I kinda loved all the songs they performed, I don’t know the names though. My favorite one was of course ‘Opossum’. I don’t know how many times I played that song out loud at home, but honestly… you don’t get tired of that song at all! I LOVED the live version!!

I also went to see them on their second night in London at Electrowerk. So I could kinda compare the 2 performances. I loved both evenings, but Electrowerkz was kinda better. The sound was better, the audience response,…But I was definitely blown away by their performance. I kinda hope they will release the songs they played as somekind of ‘album’.

I did have some ‘healthy’ nerves going to the first night at Queen Of Hoxton. The concerts were kinda close to Sasha’s birthday. So a great friend of mine made a beautiful and I mean insanely out of your mind beautiful canvas for Sasha. So I had to be able to give it to her. And …. I DID!!! I’ve never been more nervous. But Sasha was really lovely, friendly and so down-to-earth. After the concert, Sasha and Theo made some time to take some pics. They were both awesome!!
At Electrowerkz I had a small chat with Sasha and Theo. And Sasha’s French is great!!

  To summarise my ‘WARDELL LIVE’ experience: OUTSTANDING!!!
If you want more information about them, follow their twitter account @wardellband, facebook or visit their new website http://www.wardellmusic.com/. Or you can also read my previous blog about Wardell 😉
Don’t forget to pre-order their new EP which will be released on June 3rd. You can pre-order it here: http://www.thegenepool.co.uk/items/1097.htm
And there will be an album in 2014. Theo and Sasha both confirmed this to me!