I’ve been hearing ‘it’s just a show’ quite  a lot recently. From other people, writers that created a show,… and myself. I’ve been telling myself that a lot, but somehow my brain and my mind aren’t able to ‘understand’ that. That sucks sometimes…

I’ve never been someone who has been a big fan of lots of TV shows. There were only a few shows that  I really liked. One of the first shows that I really loved was Prison Break. I was super addicted to that show. Michael Scofield and his tattoos were everything to me. When you are a big fan of a show you actually spend quite a lot of your time thinking about it. It becomes something you look forward to every week, something you would even want to stay home for.
Anyway to make a long story short, cause I could keep talking about that show forever…, when the show ended with the death of Michael, I was done. I promised myself I wouldn’t get that invested anymore in a character or a tv show. Even though I knew it was a tv show, the finale got to me. And knowing it is a show, it is not real, I didn’t think it was normal to feel that way. But I wasn’t the only one feeling like that.

And then Grey’s Anatomy happened…
Grey’s Anatomy, my favorite show now, is a show that is able to open your eyes and you actually learn something of it, you start thinking about things. The quotes used in the show are amazing, the storylines are wonderful. And I think it was the intention of Shonda Rhimes to get you to like the show, to be invested in it, spread the word about it, share your opinion about it,… it’s their goal to get as many viewers as possible. She can’t please everyone of course. She has her own mind and ideas of what she wants to do with the characters she created. But it somehow becomes more than ‘just a show’ to us! You start to like the characters, you relate to them on certain levels… You care for the characters.
I do agree on the fact that it is a show, it is fiction, it is a way to maybe avoid your own real world for an hour… But on the other hand, hearing the writers continuously say it’s just a show, then they could just as well say they are just fans… And what would those shows be without fans that care?

The tweet of Dan (a writer of Grey’s) a few days ago, got me thinking about this all. Saying who is really MFEO (=made for each other) and it’s just a show. He is right in a way, he totally is. But when you go on a journey of already 9 seasons, I don’t think you can still see it as ‘just a show’. The writers were able to get you through all these amazing, sometimes ‘where the hell did they get that’ moments, they made you care. You kinda shared the good and bad moments of the characters, you maybe connected with a character or you know what they’ve gone through. If it would be ‘just a show’ than they would have quit writing it after a season and wouldn’t care how the fans felt about everything. I do think they care about how the fans/viewers feel, why would there be tv shows otherwise? If the fans wouldn’t care, then I don’t think that Grey’s Anatomy would still be here after 9 wonderful seasons…

‘Is anyone really MFEO’? Well, I’m sure my parents are MFEO, being married for more than 25 years now. My grandparents are MFEO, more than 60 years married. Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Capshaw, for example, are I think MFEO. So yes, I do think people are MFEO. You’ve got to work on it of course, but in the end everyone has a soulmate.
Shonda Rhimes has always said that Callie & Arizona are MFEO. They’ve gone through a lot, they had the most worst case scenarios of the whole show in my opinion, but so far they have always made it in the end. I know there has to be drama and suspense, and I love that, but I don’t understand why you would take back things you’ve said in the past? I think that has kinda happened now and lots of fans are freaking out, because, in my opinion, you take away an example of ‘everything will turn out to be ok in the end’.  

I am now at the point where I think I’m way too invested in Grey’s Anatomy sometimes. And it’s not that I don’t have a life besides Grey’s Anatomy, because I do… I have my amazing job in cancer research, I’ve got my family, boyfriend, friends,… But I get so worked up, because of all the spoilers, which I shouldn’t read anymore but in the end I’m always reading them, fans freaking out, tweets of Shonda, the writers,… it’s kinda insane really!!  Sometimes it totally isn’t healthy. It takes over your mind, one moment you’re fine the next you’re doubting again,… You care too much and you’re scared in a way!
This is a quote from a fan “It annoys me when writers/actors say “it’s just a show”. Yes that’s true, but I don’t think they realise it means so much more to fans.”  I have to agree with that. But on the other hand it’s a job for them, just like I have my own job. I get that, but there should be somekind of understanding.
I’ve always been able to separate Reality and Fiction. That is something you need to do, otherwise you would go crazy. It’s to keep yourself sane. I see Grey’s Anatomy as a way to ‘enter another world’ and just rewind, focus on something totally else. It is a show, it isn’t real. Arizona and Callie don’t exist in real life. But for me, it has turned out to be ‘more’. I’m not saying that I’m obsessed with the show, but my mind sometimes wanders to Grey’s Anatomy…

What I just wanted to say is that some shows become more than ‘just a show’ and the writers should know/realise that. The fans put lots of time in it, buy the dvd’s, support the actors,… Some fans aren’t able to separate for example, Arizona and Jessica Capshaw, which is totally wrong. She has her own private life and is playing the character of Arizona. Whatever happens to the characters, it’s something the writers decided to do and not Jessica. So don’t attack her if something would happen that you don’t like. I am a big fan of the show and I love Shonda for creating something like Grey’s Anatomy. It is super succesful and it’s my ‘hour getaway’ once a week. It’s sometimes fun to have a few freakout ‘moments’ with my friends Z&A, but it would be fun to not freak out once in a while…  It’s in that moment that you realise you are not alone and that there are lots of fans out there who are also freaking out. It’s pretty amazing to see how everyone unites because of a tv show. You kinda make new friends and that’s also a reason why I don’t see it anymore as just a show.
Well, I’m gonna try to enjoy the finale, which I’m sure will be nerve wrecking.

It’s my plan to not read spoilers anymore in the future, those kinda destroy the journey you’re on and you are not able to ‘enjoy’ it anymore.
You’re too obsessed with what is going to happen…

These are just my thoughts! What are you all thinking?