This one is for you… Anna aka HannahSky, The Artist.

I never thought that twitter would be a place where I would meet amazing friends. But it did happen.  I met some amazing people, each with their own thoughts, ideas, hobbies, life,… When you connect with someone on a certain level, it’s pretty awesome. If it starts from a common interest, for example loving the same tv show, like Grey’s Anatomy, or music, hobbies,… You have that connection and it can only get better from there.
The reason why I’m writing this blog is because I’ve met an amazing friend on twitter. She’s been super supportive in what I do, she motivates me, she’s way too kind sometimes,… This is my ‘THANK YOU Anna’. She truly is a special friend.

Almost a year ago I had the chance to meet the most generous, honest, amazing,… person that I’ve met on twitter in real life, in Italy. She is most known as @Hannahsky on twitter or I call her Anna, ‘Artist’,… Born and raised in Italy. Even though Anna has a hearing problem, she is wonderful in her social skills. Definitely one of the most socially active people I know. She is improving her English every single day and it’s a true honor to be a good friend of hers.

Her twittername @Hannahsky has quite a cool meaning: She is named Anna, but she prefers the American name ‘Hannah’ and she loves blue sky. So that is Hannahsky. She is nice to everyone on twitter, but she is protective of her friends.
I call her Artist on twitter, while she calls me Genius. It’s a funny way of showing our ‘love’ for each other. But calling her an artist is the least I can do. She is one of the most talented artists that I know of. She’s insanely talented and she is so modest about it.

Umi Rayearth – by HannahSky

Ever since she was little she had this true fascination for drawing. When she was in kindergarden she started drawing houses. Drawing became her passion when she was about 7 years old. She started drawing Japanese Anime when she was 14-17 years old.

Later she started drawing portraits. She especially focuses on celebrities. I have no idea how many portraits she’s drawn at the moment, probably a huge amount. But I’m always amazed when she shows me her latest work of art. I’m speechless every time and it doesn’t really take her a lot of time to draw a portrait.
Because she has so many drawings I asked Anna to tell me her top 5 drawings she ever made. And here they are…

Sasha Alexander

Anna has always been a big fan of the lovely Sasha Alexander. She loved Sasha in Dawson’s Creek, NCIS and now the hitseries Rizzoli and Isles. Sasha is definitely her idol. Anna did meet her in Italy and thought Sasha was a lovely person.

Rizzoli And Isles

Rizzoli and Isles is Anna’s favorite show besides Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite character is Maura Isles. She’s funny, has an awesome style, and her clothes are always amazing.

Jessica Capshaw

Anna has always been a big fan of Steven Spielberg. Name a movie of him and she will tell you everything about it. Through Steven Spielberg she got to know the Spielberg family (big fan of Sasha Spielberg’s music: Wardell). She became a very big fan of Jessica. Anna loved her in ‘The Practice’. She’s a true fan of Jessica and a big supporter of her role in Grey’s Anatomy as Arizona Robbins.

Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan

Because of Jessica Capshaw, Anna started following her husband Christopher Gavigan on twitter and she became inspired. Anna is also a true supporter of ‘The Honest Company‘, founded by Christopher.

Callie and Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

These drawings are amazing if I do say so myself. I got to meet Anna because of our shared love for Grey’s Anatomy and ‘Calzona’. Anna loves Jessica and Sara as actresses.

Anna’s talent is outstanding and she definitely deserves to be in this spotlight! She is now taking private lessons, because she wants to learn different styles.
Anna, you are simply amazing!!!! I’m honored to be your friend!

Drawings posted in this blog belong to Anna only!!