The ‘Honest Hand Soap’ and ‘The Honest Shampoo’ have been added to my ‘tried out and approved’ list of the Honest Company, thanks to an American friend!

So far I’ve been able to try 4 Honest Company products; the honest hand sanitizer, the lip balm, hand soap and shampoo (thanks to friends)!
And I’m still not able to say one negative thing about The Honest Company! They are amazing!! Well, maybe one ‘negative’ thing I can think of, is the fact that they don’t ship international yet…  Well I hope I can say ‘yet’ and that it will be possible some day soon. They keep adding amazing products to their shop, it’s kinda depressing for the international fans in a way.

Amazing Honest Products I was able to try out! (Picture taken by myself)

The hand soap is really good! The smell is amazing and my hands are very soft after using it. The shampoo/body wash is wonderful!!
There is still one product that I need to try out, to be totally hooked to the Honest Company and that is the Honest Body Lotion. I’m in serious need of that one. Everyone is so positive about that product!

I love Honest!

Jessica Alba wrote the amazing book: ‘The Honest Life’. I’m still going through it for the moment, but it’s really amazing to read. It’s not just a ‘normal’ book, it’s a guide.
The quote Christopher Gavigan mentioned in the foreword: “I think most people think of celebrities as normal people living extraordinary lives, but Jessica is an extraordinary person living a normal life.” is something I have to agree with. I did usually see Jessica Alba as a wonderful actress, but I didn’t really understood why she started The Honest Company. This book is filled with tips, confessions, warnings,… Jessica is just like us and she is sharing her story and trying to help everyone who wants help by giving tips on how she handled things, changed her life,… but most importanly: ‘No Lectures, No Judgment, No Guilt’.

Everyone in the US should be extremely happy and grateful that there is a company like ‘The Honest Company’. I’m already a fan, even without being able to order products. I think it’s definitely the whole aspect of Honest that I love. The devotion of the team, the exceptional support team, delightful design,… and the products. So, my plea to the Honest Company founders is: Start shipping international please!!! 🙂

What Honest Stands for…