Eco consciousness… A word and topic I’ve been thinking about quite a lot for the past couple of weeks, even months,… Twitter, Facebook,… the multimedia is a powerful source.

In the beginning I just joined twitter to follow some celebs and just meet some new people. But then I got more and more interested in being ‘more green’, making changes in my way of living, being eco,… So following twitter accounts like @erinschrode, @teensturngreen, @christopher_Gav, @drgreene, @honest, @ecojot,… has been life changing in a way. They really became a source of inspiration and also a motivation to change something.

It really makes you think about what you do, what you find important and what you want to do in the future. One thing I did learn pretty quickly is the fact that it’s not about what others think but what you think. If I talk about being eco conscious at home, then I often get the respons ‘why would you do that, it’s too expensive’. I do understand that some people can’t understand my reasons or are not into ‘eco’, but it’s all about why you want to make changes. It becomes a passion and it’s a never ending story.

I’ve been doing lots of reading, reaching out to people who are making a change. I participated in the amazing ‘Teens Turning Green 30days challenge’, even though I’m not a ‘teen’ anymore. That challenge opened my eyes, but it did shock me in a way. I’ve never learned so much in such a short period of time. There are so many ‘chemicals’ hidden in the products we use. I know they are there, because I have a ‘chemical’ background, but I never really thought about the consequences caused by using them. But then there are ‘pioneers’ out there in the world, who not only talk about making a change, but actually do make a change.
Erin Schrode; I’ve never met her, but she’s probably one of the most passionate, considerate, motivating, challenging,… activists I know. The face of the new green generation, as everyone calls her. Promoting environmental education, youth leadership, being conscious,… She has inspired me to learn more about these topics and that I should take action by starting with my own life. I love her quote ‘Eco consciousness forms the lens through which I view my entire life’.
The book ‘Healthy Child, Healthy World’ by Christopher Gavigan, ‘The Honest Life’ by Jessica Alba,… those are all books, that give you a clear summary of what you should think about and what you should change. It is so inspiring!!!

Everyone has its own definition for ‘being eco’. So I’ve been thinking about what ‘eco conscious’ means to me.  And this pretty much explains it.

Energy – Choice – Open – Conscious – Obvious – New – See – Challenge – Individual – Organic – Unite – Start
It’s all about putting your energy in your choice, in something you believe in. When you are really open to something new and you want to learn something new each day, you become more and more conscious about what you do. You start to see everything in a different point of view and it is a challenge every single day. It’s something you can discover as an individual, being ‘organic’-minded is so interesting. In the end, we can all unite to make changes. It’s time to start your own healthy life.

In some upcoming blogs I will be sharing my thoughts about topics like these, tips I find interesting, my eco inspirations,… So stay tuned!