Ever since the start of The Honest Company, I’ve been wanting to try some products. But since there isn’t international shipping (yet), I had to look for another solution. I could of course look for other products that would maybe have some similarities with the Honest products, but the Honest products seem so promising and ‘honest’.
But thanks to a great friend from the US, I had the chance to try out 2 products that actually were on the top of my list: the Honest Hand Sanitizer and the Honest Lip Balm.

So this is my Honest Experience!
First thing I noticed about the Honest hand sanitizer was the fact that it’s so compact and even cute to just look at. Very handy to put in your purse or in the car. The product smells amazing and I totally had a ‘wow’ feeling. I was a bit worried about the possible ‘dry-hands’ effects before I used it. At work, I wear gloves in the lab and my hands are already quite dry after wearing them, so I wasn’t really sure if the hand sanitizer would be a good idea to use after wearing gloves. I always had the thought that a hand sanitizer would make your hands even more dry. But I tried it and it turned out to be rather amazing. Not only do I have the feeling that my hands are clean, refreshed, soft, not dry at all,… but I also feel that I’m taking care of my hands. The hand sanitizer is definitely a must for me now, I can’t miss it anymore!!


Honest Hand Sanitizer

The Honest Lip Balm became part of my daily life in the middle of winter. You know the feeling of dry lips and lips that hurt because of the cold. It’s annoying!! But ever since using the Honest Lip Balm, my dry lips disappeared and they feel super soft now. The best thing about it, is that you don’t have to use it much. I’m working in a lab and I don’t always have ‘regular’ breaks. But I only have to apply the lip balm in the morning and then I’m good for a few hours. It really has a moisturizing ‘power’. And it’s all organic.
I’m a big fan of the ‘purely simple’ lip balm. But the ‘lavender mint’ and ‘sweet orange vanilla’ are amazing too!

Kopie van 20130310_143226

3 Organic Moisturizing Honest Lip Balms

These were just 2 of the Honest products that I’ve tested and I love them! I can’t miss them anymore. I’m still hoping for international shipping soon. I’m sure Honest would be a success worldwide!
For more information: www.honest.com