“To be or not to be, that is the question”, a quote everyone knows. During my high school period I never was a big fan of literature, I was and still am a Science geek. Biology, Chemistry,… those courses were my passion. Not that literature wasn’t interesting, but it didn’t blow me away like science. However, a poet or playwright who did caught my attention was William Shakespeare, the greatest writer in the English language. To refresh you memory, some of his most famous works are Hamlet, Othello, MacBeth, King Lear and of course Romeo and Juliet.

In the UK, you can visit several places in memory of William Shakespeare. ‘The Globe Theatre’ in London, is a modern reconstruction of the original globe theatre that was destroyed by a fire. The original globe was built by Shakespeare’s playing theatre also known as ‘The Lord Chamberlain’s Men’. Nowadays you can visit that reconstruction; a museum devoted to Shakespeare and if you are up for it you can even attend a play.

Shakespeare’s Globe

During one of my trips to London, I also visited ‘Stratford-upon-Avon’. This is the birthplace of Shakespeare. There is a restored 16th century house where they believe Shakespeare was born and raised by his parents. It’s interesting to see the inside of the house. It gives you a small glimpse of how things were in the past. Definitely worth the visit if Shakespeare fascinates you.