The Honest Company turned ONE! It’s actually pretty impressive to look back at what they have achieved so far. One fact that I truly love and admire about Honest is the customer service aka The Honest Team! They are ready to listen, to look for solutions, share their experience, they are thankful,… Awesome people!

This is written from an European point of view. I only have the pictures of products to look at and the reviews I’ve been reading on the internet.
The products they sell look amazing and are getting better and better. In the beginning they were quite focused on babies, but now there are lots of products that every single person can use, even when you don’t have a baby (yet).
The blogs they started are really inspiring and motivating. The regular bloggers are so good at what they do: Serena Norr, Juli Novotny, Jessica Shyba and Kate&Erin give their own advice, stories, recipes, pictures,… It’s a fun way to get to know someone you actually don’t really ‘know’. Seriously worth following them on twitter!
I’m totally hooked on the design of  the Honest products. One of the designers is Midori Sakano. What a talent!! Can’t wait to get to know more Honest team members.

Being from Europe, I haven’t had the chance yet to try some Honest products. But I do hope there will be an international release soon and I’m not the only one. I personally do think there is definitely a need for something like Honest in Europe or even worldwide. Everyone needs a wake-up call!

The Honest Company Products

Some of The Honest Company Products

Jessica Alba, co-founder of The Honest Company, wrote a book about her Honest Journey. In ‘The Honest Life’ Jessica shares her personal insights, strategies, discoveries,… that she gathered along the way. “Discovering everyday ways to live naturally and authentically—true to you—could be honestly life-changing.”

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