Pledging… Something new I didn’t know at all, until a few weeks/months ago.
As someone who needs music to ‘survive’ I think this is something amazing. By pledging you can fully support your favorite band or a band that’s got your attention some way. I pledged for the first time and I haven’t regretted it!
The Rescues are amazing! The 4 members: Rob Giles, Kyler England, Adrianne Gonzalez and Gabriel Mann are insanely talented. Their voices are very distinct and different, but harmonious when they come together.
I didn’t know The Rescues until I started following the right people on Twitter. It’s all about spreading the word, doing your promotion on twitter,… I started following Rob Giles on twitter, because he produced and co-wrote the debut album for Tony-Award winner Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy). She is so amazing, grateful, awesome,… and my role model. And her album is just outstanding! His own album ‘When We Were Happy’ is amazing! So that’s how I got to know The Rescues.
I’m not that easy when it comes to music. It just has to work and if it doesn’t, then I won’t be excited at all. I got the ‘Summer Sample’ of the Rescues, which you can get on their website. And I was totally sold. They also made a video about why you should pledge and I totally got the message.

I pledged twice because they really deserved it and I was super excited for the album ‘Blah Blah Love And War’. After waiting for a while, I got the album and I was blown away. Everyone who didn’t pledge will have to wait a while for the album is available. But I can only say one thing: Buy it!! It’s an album with 12 amazing and different songs. I like every song. One of my favorite ones of the moment is: ‘Everythings Gonna Be Better Next Year’. It’s a song that makes me happy. But the song used as ‘album opener’, which is insanely important, ‘Did It Really Even Matter’ is fantastic. ‘Arrow’ is amazing! Every song has something special of which you think: Wow!

I pledged and now I love The Rescues!

Thank you: Rob, Kyler, Adrianne & Gabriel!!
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