I was reading some blogs on ‘The Honest Company’ site and they had a pretty awesome idea: a gratitude jar. Sounds really fun and it’s something great to have.
Because we don’t celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’ here in Belgium, which is a shame really, I thought you can use the jar for different themes.

For example, instead of sending birthday cards, have a jar full of birthday messages for that person. It makes it more personal, you don’t waste a lot of paper,… And it’s something that probably won’t get lost. A great souvenir/gift!

Or when we celebrate New Year’s Eve we always ask each other: ‘What are your New Year’s resolutions’? It would be fun to let everyone write some resolutions down, put them in the jar, pick someone who keeps the jar safe and when the ‘new year’ is over open it and look if you actually achieved what you wanted that year. Maybe it’s an extra motivation to actually do what you wanted to do…

A gratitude jar.
Picture by: The Honest Company

If you want to check out the Honest blogs, go to: http://blog.honest.com/
There are lots of different topics that are really interesting and also these fun DIY’s!

Everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving: ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ 🙂