Sasha Alexander: an amazing actress, devoted, grateful,… someone to look up to.

There is something about celebrities. It’s obvious that they are famous, loved / respected by a lot of fans and maybe they are sometimes different than average people. There is no denying that there are celebrities out there that are different or think that they are more than everyone else,… But what celebs who think like that should remember is that without people supporting them, promoting them,… they wouldn’t be as famous as they are.
But there are some exceptions. Celebrities that are thankful for every opportunity they get, thankful for their fans, support… They really show that they are grateful. There should be more celebs like that. And they all should get a thank you!

Sasha Alexander is probably one of the most thankful /grateful celebs out there that I know off. There are a few things I personally admire about Sasha Alexander and make me respect her even more every day. A few of them really distinguish her from other actors/actresses from the US. They make her special, one of a kind.
Sasha seems to be eternally grateful. The love she shows for her fans is amazing and genuine. Sasha is on twitter (and you totally should follow her She doesn’t only tweet to promote her show Rizzoli and Isles or organisations / good causes she supports, but she also takes lots of time to really connect with her fans. And that is something I don’t see often on twitter. She tries to tweet everyone back and that’s unique. She even thanks her fans personally for fanmail they send her. She’s so open and so down-to-earth.
I’ve always had the idea that the fact that she has ‘European’ blood running through her veins, makes her realise that there are fans everywhere. And she makes sure that everyone feels special.

The lovely Anna, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Rome on holiday, is probably the biggest Sasha Alexander fan. I know that lots of people consider themselves as the biggest fan of someone, but Anna is truly special. She always thinks of everyone else before thinking of herself, she’s super supportive, extremely talented, and she totally loves Sasha Alexander. So when she heard Sasha was coming to a movie festival in Rome she grabbed this opportunity with both hands to meet Sasha. And… SHE TOTALLY DID! It was a dream come true for her and reading her tweets, seeing her video,… makes me extremely happy! She really deserved it, ’cause Anna is a true fan of Sasha.

So if Sasha would happen to read this I would like to say the following:

If you are reading this, well you can consider this as a fan letter, but published on my blog. There are lots of things I want to say, but I’m gonna keep it super short.
Thank You for being who you are, down-to-earth, grateful, a role-model,… Giving us the chance to communicate with you on twitter, seeing your wonderful and I mean extraordinary acting as Dr. Maura Isles, getting to know the amazing organisations you support,… I think I can safely say that it really means a lot to all your fans that you take the time for us, even though you are super busy with your family, your acting,… It’s really amazing and I respect that a lot.
I would also like to thank you for making Anna’s dream come true. I didn’t have the chance (yet) to meet you, but according to what I’ve heard from Anna, you are a lovely person, always sweet and kind to your fans.
So THANK YOU and I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you one day!

Felien x’