My Honest wishlist, inspired by The Honest Company!

A few more days and it’s November. Time is flying. Soon it will be Christmas and I will be able to celebrate the New Year with lots of great prospects 🙂

Christmas holidays is the time of the year I love the most. It’s magical!! It’s a time to celebrate, be happy, spend lots of time with family and friends… In the past my sisters and I have always been asked by our parents to give our top 3 list of things we would love to have and maybe they would pick something from that list. But now, my parents know me well and they know what I appreciate. I never needed any big things. But I thought it would be fun to make a special wishlist. Everyone who has been following and reading my blogs or is following me on twitter, know that I’m a true supporter of The Honest Company. However living in Europe makes it for the moment impossible to buy Honest products. The only thing I can do now, is spreading the word, because I believe in what they stand for.
So I thought it would be fun to make a top 5 Honest wishlist of products that I would love to try.

Since the start of The Honest Company, there hasn’t been a day without something new of The Honest Company. They continu making products that everyone needs, at this moment they have more than 20 products. Not only baby products, but also a wide range of body and cleaning products. And they are asking for our input / ideas for new products!
I made my top 5 list based on my needs at this moment and also curiosity. Of course I would like to try them all! Since I can’t shut up about The Honest Company at home and to my friends, I’ve been able to make them all curious. Oh well, I love sharing my interests.

The Honest Company Shop

So, here comes my top 5 list:

  • Honest Hand Sanitizer:
    This has been ‘the’  Honest product that I really wanted to try out since the beginning. It’s a protection against germs and bacteria, to clean and refresh your skin. It’s something you can use anywhere anytime. Antiseptic and moisturizing. They look so cute and easy to take everywhere with you.

Honest Hand Sanitizer

More info:

  • Honest Face and Body lotion:
    This lotion is described as ‘nourishing, calming & hydrating’. I’m still looking for the perfect face and body lotion. My skin is super dry and sensitive. I guess it runs in the family.  But this lotion sounds like the perfect lotion. The ingredient list makes the lotion even more attractive for me; trustworthy ingredients.

Honest Face and body lotion

More info:

  • Honest fruit – veggie wash:
    The design of this product is just awesome. The quote they use on the website as a description ‘Rinsing with water alone is simply not enough‘, tells you exactly why you should use this. It’s patent pending which means something. Who doesn’t want to eat ‘clean’ fruit or vegetables…

Honest Fruit – Veggie Wash

More info:

  • Honest Healing Balm:
    I’ve been reading and hearing lots of positive feedback about the Honest Healing Balm. And it got an award!!

Honest Healing Balm

More info:

  • Honest Lip Balm:
    The lip balms aren’t available yet on the official Honest Shop, but I think it will be soon. There are 3 ‘flavors’: Purely simple, lavender mint and sweet orange vanilla. Who doesn’t love a lip balm, especially now with the colder weather…

Honest Organic Lip Balm

Since The Honest Company is open to product suggestions, here are some of my ideas:

  • Honest Hand Balm (to put in your purse)
  • Honest Toothpaste
  • Honest Deodorant
  • Honest Airfreshener
  • Honest Peeling
  • Honest Make-up remover
  • Honest Perfume 🙂
  • Honest Totebag
  • Honest Water bottle
  • Honest Pacifier
  • And because I like knowing everything in detail, maybe an Honest book / magazine would be cool: Honest from the very beginning, the honest team, products, goals,…

For more information go to:

Felien Geldhof / @BFellicious