The Speyside Sessions album, by Kevin McKidd, who some of you may know of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Owen Hunt, and his friends was something that I had been looking forward to from the moment Kevin announced there was an album coming.

The Speyside Sessions

As someone who daily listens to Adele, Emeli Sandé,… or just to music on the radio, this was totally something new and special. It’s definitely one of a kind, but in a good way. I expected quite a lot of this album and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

The first few notes of a song are important. So it’s only logic that the first song of an album should be able to suck you in and makes sure that the listener wants to continu to listen to that album. I think the choice of ‘Now Westlin Winds’ as first song of this album is a good choice.
I do love all the songs on the album, but I have a few favorites.

“The water is wide” is a solo of Kevin. I love the combination of the music and his incredible sexy accent. I mean it’s everything a song should be: authentic.
“Charlie is my darling” is an awesome song. It starts as a mystery, and then it changes in an upbeat/happy song.
One of my favorite songs is actually the shortest one “The fairy dance’. It reminds me in a way of a scene of ‘Lord Of The Rings’. I really love it! It’s a bit of a shame it isn’t longer though…
I always have to laugh when I hear “Muckin O’ Geordie’s Byre”. So much fun to listen to that one. The accents are amazing! I really have to be concentrated to understand what they are singing. Same goes for ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’. That countdown is awesome. Lots of similarity with Dutch.
“Diane of Pitgaveny” is a wonderful instrumental song to clear your mind and think of nothing but the music you hear. It gives me goosebumps!
There couldn’t be a better song to finish the album than with ‘These Are My Mountains’. I love that song. It’s so sentimental. Really amazing!

Every song has something that makes it unique. I love the fact that it’s a live album. It’s like they are giving a concert in your living room. I love the instruments used in all the songs. The musicians are truly talented. I can feel that this album has been made with lots of love, care,… dedicated to Kevin’s grandfather George Runcie and Kimble. It’s an album filled with rich sounds, tradition, wonderful instruments,… Something to be really really proud of.
Congrats to Kevin and his team to be able to pull something like this off in 5 days. I’m really amazed by this high quality album. It’s as authentic as it can get. And what a wonderfull cause: ‘Save The Children’. It’s totally worth it’s money. A Christmas album by Kevin and his team would be amazing!