A few words to describe “Healthy Child, Healthy World” written by Christopher Gavigan: educative, ‘wake-up’ call, inspiring, motivating,…

Healthy Child, Healthy World by Christopher Gavigan

I decided to write this ‘book review’ because I think ‘Healthy Child, Healthy World’ by Christopher Gavigan is one of the best / the best educational book I’ve ever read. So I wanted to share my thoughts about this book.

‘Healthy Child, Healthy World’ is a bestseller book in the US. I’m not shocked by that, because it is a good book. But it is a shame that it isn’t, in my opinion, ‘known’ worldwide, ’cause it totally should be. As the former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World (which is an organisation that is helping parents to protect their children) Christopher Gavigan wrote this book as a way to bring solutions closer to families, to give everyone the chance to create a cleaner, greener and safer home. With degrees in environmental science and geography, graduate training in child psychology and education, Christopher knows what he’s talking about. His resumé is extensive and it’s great that he wants to share his knowledge with everyone who is curious or wants to learn something!
One thing I can say for sure after reading the book, is that the author was able to open my eyes and shock me in some ways, the book is a wake-up call. But on the other hand it gave me the feeling that there are solutions for everything. You just have to see the solution and be willing to make a change. And for me that’s the point of the book.

The book starts with an amazing foreword by Meryl Streep and I quote : With a book like this, it’s getting easier to find...”. That is the perfect way to describe this book in general! Christopher found the perfect way to give you all the information you need to make necessary (simple) changes to your home / lifestyle. It is overwhelming to realize that the simple things we do, can have such big ramifications on our life / kids’ life. In the end it isn’t that difficult to change habits. You just need to have the motivation and the thought of ‘I want to make a change’.

Every topic starts with an introduction by Christopher summarizing his experience or opinion on that specific topic. The changes you can make are described as a step-by-step programme. The reason why you should make a certain change is given straightforward. The expert opinions give you more background information. The healthy bites (facts, tips, DIY, parentblogs,…) make everything a bit more ‘lighter’. When I was finished reading a chapter, I really felt like I learned something and still remembered. Everything sounds so easy in a way, it’s explicit,.. There is lots of information to take in and to think about, but this book is definitely worth reading. Probably one of the best things about this book is also the ‘Healthy Resources’ used to make sure everything is correct in this book and it makes the book really trustworthy. The facts and numbers used are especially based on the US, but I think it’s quite comparable to the ones of Europe and worldwide.

Each chapter has an amazing variety on advice, but one of my ‘favorite’ chapters was “Chapter 10: It’s All Good”. At one point Christopher described in his step-by-step programme “#Step 9: Keep the Faith”. Which was for me the basic facts you need to have in mind if you want to succeed, not only in making changes to your daily life to create a healthy environment for your kids and for yourself, but it’s also advice you can apply in your professional life.
The 5 p’s (quote):
Positive: ‘Optimism and hopefulness motivate you.’
‘Don’t give up’
‘Is it achievable?’
‘Patience is a virtue’
: ‘Ability to step back’
5 simple words, but they can have a big impact.

If you want to know more about the author Christopher Gavigan, check out his company ‘The Honest Company’, co – founded by Jessica Alba. www.honest.com!

Amazing video by Healthy Child, Healthy World (http://www.healthychild.org/)

Waiting for the sequel!