Being 23, I would have said some months ago ‘that’s totally the same as being 22’, but now for me personally it’s a big difference.

I think everyone had a moment in life where they were thinking: ‘Where do I want to end up’ or ‘What do I want to do in my life’? Like everyone else, I did have this moment, a few months ago, I was actually quite struggling to find the answer to that question. But in the end I realised that I already knew the answer somewhere deep down.

I can’t really say that I had a wake up call or something. It just happened one day that I was just started to really think about some things. I’ve always been someone who thinks a lot about everything, maybe a bit too much. But I started to set up a list in my mind (I didn’t wrote anything down, ’cause I think nothing is predictable in life) of things I think are more important to me.
One of my top priorities in my life is my family. That has always been number one and always will be. I feel really blessed with my family. My parents are truly amazing people, they are always there when I need them but they don’t pressure me in doing something. My 2 lovely sisters; even though we sometimes have discussions, or maybe can’t stand to be around each other some days, I love them. They know exactly who I am, what they can expect from me and they are truly supportive. 2 people I admire a lot are my grandparents. They have such a life joy and really just want what’s best for you. And the advice they give me is truly helpful and in a way ‘simple’…

While getting older there have been quite some people who inspired me in a way. Besides my family, also some of my friends made me see things at a different angle and that can sometimes be already enough to change your point of view. One of those friends is someone who I actually met on Twitter. We are actually quite alike, but still we learn quite a lot from each other. We both have our own life experiences and it’s great to be able to share them. Sometimes we do have our ‘bad’ moments, but in the end that’s what friendship is about, through good and bad times. It’s really a friendship that I treasure  and that is important to me.

Another priority in my life is travelling. Thanks to my parents I’ve already seen quite a lot of countries. I really like travelling. Getting to know another country, a new culture and especially meeting new people. Travelling is very important and it’s a way to also discover yourself. During all the travels that I did so far, I discovered that I sometimes need to get away from everything, just clear my mind, be by myself and just listen to nothing specific. That’s ‘heaven’ for me!

Doing what I love on holiday – Staring at the sea…

Just being happy shouldn’t even be a priority, but still sometimes I need to remind myself of that. I’ve learned to not take everything for granted anymore. I’ve been having some health issues which are really annoying me for the moment and those made me realize to just enjoy every day. Some people would say don’t make plans for the future, but that’s something that I always do, making plans. It’s fun to do and awesome to look forward to. I only do things I love, you’re not going to see me doing something that I don’t like. That’s just a waste of time. Challenges are what I need. Doing something totally different or something of which you don’t know how it would end. Writing these blogs is also a great way for me to clear my mind or to just share some random thoughts and maybe meeting people who had the same experience.

I think every single person has had someone famous to who you look up to or respect. I’ve never been really ‘starstruck’ as some fans can be. I’ve always had a certain amount of respect for some stars, especially when they do something that is important, like supporting a good cause.
One of the stars that I respect a lot is Sara Ramirez. Not only is she incredibly talented as an actress and singer, but the things she says in interviews are just true and in a way motivating for me. Sara once said the following:
Stay true to who you are. Don’t let anyone else define you. Because somewhere in there, you know exactly who you are. Sometimes being truthful about who you are to yourself first, can be the most freeing thing in the world. And then once you accept that you can just kinda commit to that and teach everyone else who that is. And I think it’s just a freer, more accepting, more self loving, as opposed to self loathing, way to go through your life”
That’s just what everyone should do. Once you accept yourself, you can do everything. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t accept yourself. That’s what I love about Sara. She always has a great message for her fans and for everyone else.

So the life lessons that I learned are most importantly: ‘being happy’, ‘travel more’, ‘work on friendships’, ‘challenges’, ‘enjoy life’,…