If I would have to describe Diabetes in a few words I would say: an unfair disease.

My grandfather has Diabetes. I never knew him without diabetes. I always saw him injecting insulin at family gatherings, taking some extra sugar with him,… There have been lots of ups and downs the past couple of years. There were moments we thought we lost him, but somehow he always managed to fight back and still be here. He is being treated of course, he goes to his check ups regularly. Even though the doctors told him that he’s an example of how bad Diabetes can get, because he has every negative symptom that Diabetes can cause. But he’s still here, and I’m eternally grateful for that.

Because of my grandfather I really got to know Diabetes and I know what I can expect. But I was never really prepared for the news of our vet saying that my cat Troele has Diabetes. That is a totally different story, ’cause there isn’t much they can do about that.
We noticed something was wrong with her. She has always been pretty ‘fat’, but then she started losing a lot of weight, lots of urinating, drinking lots of water,… And my mom linked that to Diabetes. So when we got the confirmation of “You’re cat has Diabetes and there isn’t much we can do about it”, my world kinda collapsed. She’s been and still is my best friend in a way even though I know she’s an animal. But we share a special bond. The vet told me, that she probably wouldn’t live long anymore. Perharps a month, but not more. Especially because it isn’t very common to give insulin shots to cats to help their Diabetes. It isn’t done and it isn’t a cure them. It’s just prolonging their life and still they can suffer. So we are in a way, letting Troele do what she wants and make sure she is comfortable.
Now we are 6 months further after we got the news she has Diabetes and she is still here. It’s quite a miracle actually. But we are more and more noticing that she’s actually sick and will not be here much longer. She has lost a lot of weight, she’s becoming more and more passive, keeps drinking a lot,… But she’s urinating everywhere. She isn’t really who she was anymore. She has always been a sleeper, but now it’s over the top.

So in a way, I’m starting to prepare myself to say goodbye. Because my mom and I know it isn’t going to be that much longer. It’s actually hard to write about it, but it is what it is… I’m gonna enjoy the moments we still have and who knows she will decide to keep fighting and stay with me a little longer.

Troele – I LOVE HER!!!