I was watching the news, which is one of my habits every evening, and there was a small part about ‘Actinidia arguta’: the mini kiwi.

Actinidia arguta (hardy kiwi) can be compared to a mini kiwi. The difference with the kiwis everyone is familiar with, is the fact that these mini kiwis can be eaten whole without having to peel it. It’s smooth and a bit leatherly, but it has a thin ‘skin’.

It contains lots of Vitamin C, polyfenols and lots of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium,… If I’m correct (do say so if I’m not), polyfenols are important for removing ‘radicals’. Those radicals are being produced during physiological and biochemical processes in our body. They can have a negative effect on our health (diseases and cancer). Fruits responsible for removing these radicals can be considered as healthy fruit. It also contains 3 sugar types: glucose, fructose and sucrose.


One of the positive things about Actinidia arguta is that it is ‘grown’ here in Belgium. So that means, less transport and more fresh fruit 🙂

This mini kiwi is on my ‘to-taste’ list. It looks really good and it’s healthy!