Wardell maybe doesn’t sound that familiar, but it should be if you’ve heard of Brother/Sister. Brother/Sister decided to make some changes and changed their name to Wardell. I personally love the name Wardell. It’s a name you can’t forget, it’s catchy and totally unique. So if you liked Brother/Sister on facebook you should like Wardell on facebook. It’s the same band, only a different name.

The meaning behind the name Wardell is still a bit of a mystery to me, but I came up with this: World Art Rules and Dares Everyone to Love Life! It sounded pretty cool, but I have more if you need more 😉

Their formerly band name Brother/Sister made it pretty clear who is part of the band, a brother and a sister. That is of course still the same, nothing and I mean nothing can ever change that. It’s a life long connection! Theo and Sasha Spielberg are brother and sister who have been sharing their music passion and decided to do something together and they get along well! Theo described the start of their music as ‘2 people sharing a wall’. Having a project with someone who probably knows you the best, must be wonderful!

Theo and Sasha have both been into music since they were little. Theo plays every instrument going from guitar, base, piano to drums and he also plays the marxophone. Theo is also a music writer for Huffington post. Someone who is able to play lots of instruments, like Theo, is a natural. That’s someone who I call an artist.

Sasha is a songwriter – singer – actress. She has always been interested in singing and she also plays piano. Sasha recently had a project ‘Just Friends’ with the famous Nicolas Jaar. They did a cover of Avalanche by Leonard Cohen. I’ve got to say I was really impressed when I heard it for the first time. Her voice is really amazing and she’s really able to control her voice.

So the combination of 2 extremely talented people, who happen to be brother and sister, gives you the unbreakable Wardell.

I actually only really discovered Wardell (back then as Brother/Sister), when there was lots of promotion for their song Opossum by family members (Jessica Capshaw f.e.). It was the song of the day in 2011 and I’ve been addicted to that song ever since. I appreciate all kinds of music, possibly because I grew up with music. I don’t really have a favorite genre, but I do have some favorite artists. Wardell is definitely one of those. I would describe the music of Wardell as actually real music. By that I mean that they try to bring their music without really changing the sound and adding extra ‘unnatural’ sounds. For example in ‘Opossum’ you can really recognize each instrument and just appreciate each unique sound. It makes the sounds of Opossum really unique! Theo did a wonderful  job and made something beautiful. One of the most important instruments in a song is of course the voice of the artist. Sasha’s voice really brings lots of emotion to the song. Starting gently in the beginning and then during the song really giving more soul to the song. She really has a dynamic voice. I totally love her voice!

Another great song they have is ‘Call It What You Want’ (from album: The Accidental Zoo). It’s insanely good! Check it out if you haven’t.

I for one can’t wait for new music by Wardell. So if you want to know more about Wardell you should checkout their facebook https://www.facebook.com/wardellmusic and website http://wardell.bandcamp.com/. You can also follow them on twitter: @wardellband @sashaspielbrg and @theo821. Just so you know Sasha is an awesome tweeter!!

If you are hooked to the sound of Wardell, you can click on the link and support them!