A few months ago, at the start of ‘The Honest Company’ era, I wrote a short blog about it. Now they’ve been around for more than 6 months and a lot has changed.

The Honest Company keeps surprising me. I’ve been a true supporter since the very beginning of Honest and there hasn’t been one moment that I’ve regretted this decision. Not sure if it matters, but I’m not using the Honest products. Well, not because I don’t want to, but because I live in Europe and there isn’t any international shipment possible for the moment, which I totally understand. But when they will start selling their products worldwide, I’ll have lots of Honest products that I can try out and use for my own kids.

With more than 90 000 likes on facebook, lots of followers on twitter, The Honest Company keeps growing every day. To be honest, that doesn’t surprise me at all. Since January 17th 2012, they have been making a change be sharing their tips, doing research, producing products that are eco, healthy, non-toxic,… and maybe most important by listening to the needs of families.
They especially focus on basic needs of a family.

First production run of their home cleaning products

Since the start, it seems like Honest has been adding new products to their shop every day. Products that everyone can use and that are actually necessary.
Besides diapers there are now also swim diapers and training pants. I would even just buy them because they are so cute! The one designing everything is absolutely a genius! A product has to perform, but it also has to appeal. So the design is very important. I think that this is something that distinguishes The Honest Company from other companies, not only are their products healthy, eco, modern,… but they are also beautiful to ‘look’ at.
Their offer in bath and body products consists of everything you need in your daily life. I would personally love to try out the ‘Hand Sanitizer’, it seems really handy when you go on holiday or just to put in your purse. I’ve been reading nothing but positive feedback on the healing balm and sunscreen.

The cleaning products I can only describe as essential. Because you can do everything right by using good body products, but you should also take care of your home. That is the place where you sleep, breath,… live!
I love the ‘Honest fruit and veggie wash’. I don’t think that even exists where I live, because we only clean our fruit and vegetables with water. It’s even ‘patent pending’, which is outstanding! It would be really great if there would be an Honest Air Freshener in the future. Because I always have problems with those…

Some Honest Products (pictures belong to Honest)

Really worth mentioning is the fact that you know exactly what you are buying. Every product has a detailed description about the ingredients, how to use it, caring caution, other facts you should know about it,… Their name ‘The Honest Company’ is perfect!

I think everyone at Honest is doing an amazing job. Not only by giving every family the chance to make a change in their household and maybe their way of living, but they are also sharing lots of things to make lives healthier. The Honest Company is more than just a company: they make you feel like you are more than just a customer. They actually do listen and give their advice and tips. And that makes The Honest Company unique and of course honest. A great way to really involve people is by creating a blog and that’s what they did recently.

I have to say – as someone who regularly reads blogs – the blog is simply amazing. They talk/write about everything: ‘Quick Tips’ – ‘Q&A’ – ‘Honest Kitchen’ -… One of my favorite blogs is ‘Honestly speaking’, especially the ones about the production process of a product. It really gives you an insight on everything that has to be considered when producing a new product.
I loved the video they made as an introduction to the blog. It gave me an idea of who works at The Honest Company, before that I only ‘knew’ Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba. It would be great to have separate blogs with everyone who works at honest, like ‘an honest talk with…’. So the Honest members know who is who at Honest. Maybe an idea for the future?

Perhaps the most important thing that has changed since the start of ‘The Honest Company’, is that Honest earned its Benefit Corporation Certification, which is AMAZING! So congrats Honest! Something else I adore about Honest is that they have a social goodness program. Part of their earnings goes to baby2baby. Baby2baby reaches over 50000 children a year by helping families with essential baby gear and clothes. Visit their website for more information: http://www.baby2baby.org/

To end this blog I wanted to share 2 video interviews of Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan. I’ve been wondering, Christopher, do you really do headstands in the office once in awhile?

For more information about The Honest Company go to: www.honest.com
They are also on Twitter ‘@Honest‘, Pinterest ‘HonestCompany‘ and Facebook ‘TheHonestCompany‘.
Don’t forget to check out their blog! It’s really worth reading!