When you hear the name ‘The Honest Company’, it should start to sound familiar to the most of you. If not, lets try to change that! It’s always great to be able to learn more about an organisation / company that has the support of a role model. I think I can safely say that Jessica Capshaw supports The Honest Company.

As an European citizen I’m not (yet) able to buy products of The Honest Company, because they are focussing on the USA for the moment. But I believe that raising some awareness that there is something like ‘The Honest Company’ is always welcome.

Most of us know Christopher Gavigan as the husband of Jessica Capshaw. But Christopher has devoted his whole career improving the lives of children and their families. With a B.S. in ‘Environmental Studies & Geography’ and a M.S. in ‘Child & Family Psychology’ he truly knows what he’s talking about.
He definitely deserves some recognition. He is a true inspiration for everyone who wants to make a change and do better. Christopher is also the author of the best-selling book ‘Healthy Child, Healthy World: Creating a cleaner, greener, safer home’, which I think can be very helpful for families. He also collaborated with WebMD to make his message even more clear and really help different families. If you haven’t seen it before, you totally should. I’ve learned quite a lot of things. http://www.webmd.com/health-ehome-9/default.htm

Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba (co-founder of The Honest Company) decided to start a new brand that is trustworthy, provides everything a family needs, something they believe in: The Honest Company.
In January 2012, it was the big moment for Christopher and Jessica Alba, the launch! The website is wonderful!!

Christopher about The Honest Company:
“Everything I stand for and all I’ve done over the last 15 years has come to this moment. I’m thrilled to launch a brand that offers some of the most thoughtfully designed, innovative and safest products available.”

I’ve always been interested in organisations or companies that focus on everything involving healthcare. Mainly because I have 2 degrees in healthcare so I know the possible consequences of the issues nowadays. But also because we can’t hide the fact that we need to do something. The (European) media confronts us regularly with health problems, environmental problems,… However those are just words, they don’t actually DO something about it. And that is why The Honest Company is different. It’s making a change by sharing everything they know about creating a safer place for our children. That is what I like most about The Honest Company: trying to help families in an affordable way, not only with products but also with advice. They are ready to listen to the needs of the families, continuously working on improving,…

You just have to love the design of the products. It’s so original and fun. And we all know that the look of a product says it all. For the moment there are 2 bundles available: ‘The Diapers Bundle’ and ‘The Family Essentials Bundle’. The diapers, plant-based and ultra – absorbent, are too cute for words. I love the ones with the skulls. The Family Essential bundle is a combination of the most important non-toxic bath and skin products and household cleaning products. The design is just amazing!

Even though I don’t have any kids yet, I think it’s important to start changing the way I live: being more responsible, attentive to what is happening in the world, start using products without having the fear of harming your health,… Start making a change in my daily life, because everything starts with yourself. This video is a ‘wake-up story’. It’s an amazing video, lots of information and it definitely makes you realise that changes are necessary…

If The Honest Company decides to launch worldwide, I’m totally planning on supporting them the way I can.

For me HONEST stands for:

ealth – Our Children – Non-toxic – Eco-friendly – Stylish and Timeless.

Support The Honest Company and start making a change!

More information on: http://www.honest.com/
Twitter: @Honest