Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason. ~ Katrina Mayer ~ Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. That’s how it works; believing in yourself and in your dreams is what takes you higher, to the next level. If there is one lesson that I’ve learned […]

Dream Big Everyday

Beautiful video by Mike Oblinski!  


You’re not actually crazy, you’re just very passionate. You want things to work out, you’re loyal and care deeply about the people you care about. Passion is your superpower. Never turn down your superpowers. There are moments when I do believe that I’m going crazy. If you would take over […]

Passion is your superpower!

A lone red-colored tree stands amid a sea of lush greenery in Sri Lanka’s Horton Plains. Martin Bisof captured this image “from the train during our journey from Kandy to Haputale,” he writes. Horton Plains is located in Sri Lanka’s central highlands and was declared a national park in 1988. […]

Plain View

A dramatic sunset colors Iceland’s landscape and sky. Konrad Kulis captured this aerial shot while “en route to the volcano Holuhraun,” he writes. The volcano, which last erupted in 2014, is located just north of the expansive, 3,200-square-mile (8,400-square-kilometer) Vatnajӧkull, or Vatna Glacier. Source: National Geographic

Fire and Ice

A rainbow adds magic to an already paradisiacal scene captured by Cory Mottice at Havasu Falls, Arizona. “The clouds looked promising for a decent sunset, so I left my campsite and headed up to Havasu Falls,” he writes. “Instead, I was treated to a once-in-a-lifetime view.” Source: National Geographic Bewaren

Once-in-a-lifetime view

For the past 22 months, I’ve traveled every workday to Brussels by car. Everyone who reads this post and lives in Belgium knows that the traffic towards Brussels can be / always is a real pain in the ass, especially in the mornings. Yes, I ‘volunteered’ to go by car […]

Heaven’s Keeper

Painted Passion
A train zips down the coastline in the beach city Del Mar, north of San Diego, California. Your Shot photographer Lucas Barbieri caught this scene at sunset. “The limited light and the wispy clouds gave it a great painterly feel,” he writes. Source: National Geographic Bewaren Bewaren Bewaren Bewaren

Painted Passing

As a blogger you are challenged on so many levels. I started blogging just for fun, but more and more it took over my free time and I let that happen. It became quite important to me. I’d say it is a journey with ups and downs, but when things […]

Stylesmaller – Interview with Kate

A single tree seems to throw forth robust, undulating rows of lavandin, a variety of lavender, in Provence, France. Lavender fields are a Provence hallmark and considered by many to be the area’s best scenery. The plant, sometimes called “blue gold,” is used to make soaps, perfumes, and lotions and […]

Picturesque Provence

What’s worked for me is not quitting and being passionate about what I do and not giving up. And when I don’t believe in myself, turning to others who believe in me. Mark Jacobs I’m very very lucky with my ‘tribe’. Sometimes I have way too much time to brainstorm, […]

What’s worked for me

Rolling Green
‘A single droplet of rainwater sits on the leaf of a hosta plant, also known as a plantain lily. “The rolling shadows are from a fern growing above,” writes Your Shot photographer Beamie Young of this photo taken in Maryland.’ Source: National Geographic   Bewaren Bewaren

Rolling Green